Manual Therapy Treatment Center for Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes
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It can be challenging to find a practitioner who's heard of Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes / Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, let alone, one who can provide an appointment in less than six months. Waiting months to ask questions and receive feedback of your mysterious medical history is likely very frustrating. We can usually schedule an appointment within a few weeks and are happy to maintain communication with you throughout your journey with your other medical professionals.

While Eloise cannot offer an official diagnosis due to licensure restrictions, she can offer clear objective assessments and provide clarity for you.

CST can address many EDS specific issues, including pain management, subluxations, TMJ dysfunction, Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, dysautonomia, anxiety and depression. Co-morbidities such as chiari and tethered cord can also be addressed.

Read her article below (This version is a little dated. Stay tuned for an updated version):

Application of CranioSacral Therapy for Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes
In-Office Appointment
Hypermobility/EDS Evaluation, Consult & Treatment $325

Approximately Three Hours

This comprehensive appointment is an opportunity for you to be evaluated for hypermobility, discuss additional medical concerns, receive a CranioSacral Therapy treatment and establish a foundation for resources, care and non-pharmacological pain management. This appointment does not offer a diagnosis for EDS, but can help clarify your experiences with hypermobility.


Eval & Treatment In Office
Evaluation and Consult (Virtual)
Just the Evaluation $250

This virtual appointment is approximately two hours.

Your EDS/HSD Evaluation and Consultation includes ample time to discuss your concerns and symptoms and will include a thorough evaluation of musculskeletal hypermobility/instability, autonomic function, neurological conditions and history.


Hypermobility Eval & Consult (Virtual)
Already Know You Have EDS or HSD?
You Might Not Need the Eval!

New Client Appointment: $185
Return Appointment: $125

If you already have a diagnosis of EDS or HSD, you may not need an eval appointment. A simple New Client appointment is likely more appropriate for you. In your first appointment we will still review your complex medical history and you'll receive CranioSacral Therapy. This appointment can be upwards of two hours, so please plan your day accordingly.

If you're a current client, please choose "Return Appointment" for booking.


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