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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
EDS is a complex connective tissue disorder which involves all of the systems of the body, most noticeably the musculoskeletal system. Eloise recently wrote a short document for her CST colleagues regarding CST and EDS which offers insight and subtle technique modifications to better accommodate the EDS client.  An updated version is expected to be released sometime during 2018 to reflect the new diagnostic criteria for EDS, established by the Ehlers-Danlos Internatonal Society.

You can access Eloise's publication here:
An Introduction of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome to the CranioSacral Therapist

EDS Webinar 
Eloise presented an introductory webinar on EDS in October of 2017 to several CST practitioners. Click here to be forwarded to the registration page. 
Proceeds benefit Eloise's daughter, for the training and placement of a Service Dog for through ECAD.
$25 Registration
Upon the cmpletion of regsitraion, you will be sent a password.

Ongoing Practitioner Participation
The applications of CST for EDS is an ongoing practice in observation and results. There is a dire need to recruit CST practitioners from around the world who work with clients with EDS, who are willing to share their observations, clinical experiences and client/patient outcomes. It is important to adhere to the practice of patient-centered therapy by following the needs of the client/patient.

EDS Webinar, October 14, 2017
7 PM Eastern Standard Time.
You can follow webinar registration updates on the Facebook page.

Study Groups
Open to CST 1, CST 2 and SER 1 students. You bring your questions, and I will try to bring guidance and answers.  Each session can be customized to what the group needs. Topics include:  10-step protocol, Hand Placement, Sutherland's lesions, Mouth Work, Arcing, Energy Cysts, Dialoguing, Facilitated Segments, Regional Positional Release, Fascial Glide ( whole body evaluation)...whatever you want to work on in a group setting.  

Next Study Session:

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September 30, 2017
12:00-3:00 (ish) pm
4 Main Street, New Milford, CT 06776

Private Study Session:  $100/session. 
In lieu of a study group, you have the option of having a private tutorial with me. Same guidelines apply as for Study Group. We will schedule your private session based on our mutual availability.

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