EDS EvalUation

Important Information 

Scope of Practice: Eloise Stager is a Licensed Massage Therapist  (LMT) in the state of CT and a Diplomate Level CranioSacral Therapist (CST-D), trained through the Upledger Institute, based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  A massage therapy license limits the scope of practice to soft tissue evaluation and manipulation and does not allow for diagnoses, prescriptions, or medical referrals. Support and recommendations or suggestions for further testing or practitioners is acceptable and encouraged.

DiagnosingWe Cannot Formally Diagnose EDS. Eloise often receives requests to help confirm or make diagnoses of EDS, but diagnoses falls outside the parameters of her licensure. She can however, perform thorough evaluations and offer education, guidance and resources along with a “best guess”conclusion. We recommend that you seek confirmation from a rheumatologist or geneticist.

Eloise Stager has spent several years researching, practicing and implementing CranioSacral Therapy techniques to specifically address the unique qualities of people with EDS. Each session and treatment is tailored to the specific need of the client at the time of the appointment. Due to its effect on the central nervous system, CST can address many  EDS specific issues,  including pain management, subluxations, TMJ dysfunction, Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction,  dysautonomia, anxiety and depression. Additionally, co-morbid diagnoses such as chiari and  tethered cord can also be addressed.


EDS Eval and CST Treatment: $275
This appointment is especially appropriate for those who are not sure if they have EDS. During your Eval Appointment, you will have an opportunity to discuss all of your symptoms, demonstrate, describe and score (within safety) your Beighton Score, and ask any questions you may have.  A thorough musculoskeletal evaluation will take place along with a CranioSacral Therapy Eval and treatment specifically designed for Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes.  This appointment is approximately three hours long; please plan your day accordingly.



EDS Eval: $75
The EDS Eval is intended for those who think they may have EDS and simply want a consultation without a CST treatment. This is a discussion-based appointment with a musculoskeletal evaluation. A diagnoses cannot be given, but you will be offered education and recommendations.